Huge dinosaur balloon sculpture in Turkey sets record. Watch it being made

A giant dinosaur balloon sculpture in Turkey made a record for being the largest in the world. The piece made a place in the Guinness World Records and a video of its construction was shared on their official Facebook page. Both the process of building the balloon structure and the final sculpture have impressed many.

The dinosaur sculpture was made from 150,000 biodegradable balloons and was created by Guido Verhoef, Bahar Belisan, Willy Monroe and Balloon Crew in Istanbul. It took a team of 34 balloon artists and local students two days to put the giant sculpture, measuring 25 ft 9 in X 29 ft 9 in X 64 ft 5 in, together.

They created the record on October 22. However, Guinness World Records posted a video of the feat on Facebook some 10 hours ago. Watch the video below:

Several people on Facebook posted their reactions to the sculpture and the record it created.

“Biodegradable too! It’s a RECYCLASAURUS! I made up the name but I think that should be a thing. Tell the others,” wrote an individual. “This is very cool and I didn’t know they made biodegradable balloons. Wish more people used them on balloon releases,” shared another. “That’s breathtaking,” posted a third. “Somebody give me a toothpick I’m going in,” joked a fourth.

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