How tap water caught fire in China. Watch intriguing and scary video

The Internet is home to several videos that may seem unreal, but are very real and often capture something unbelievable. Just like this video from China which shows a person ‘setting’ fire to tap water flowing in their house.

The video shows an individual holding a lighter next to water flowing from a tap. Almost instantly, flames appear giving the impression that the water is on fire.

People’s Daily, China took to Twitter to share the video. In the caption, they also shared a comment from the local authorities. Turns out, this bizarre and risky incident is the result of a gas leak in the area.

“Videos of flammable tap water in Panjin, NE China’s Liaoning have gone viral. The odd scene is caused by natural gas infiltration due to temporary underground water supply system error, which is now shut down. Normal supply has resumed. Further probe will be conducted: local govt,” they tweeted.

“Dawa District attaches great importance to the residents’ complaint that ‘the tap water in a villager’s home in Liaoning can be ignited’ and immediately hired an expert to analyse and find the cause,” the local authorities said in a statement, reported Independent. There was a small gas leak which entered the water pipe network and caused the fire, they added.

Take a look at the video:

Since being shared, the video has gathered tons of comments from people. “The real sparkling water,” joked a Twitter user. “Crazy,” commented another.

What do you think of the video?

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