Horse trapped after falling down ravine rescue by helicopter. Watch

“Who loves a story that ends well?”, that’s the first line of a post shared on Facebook. And of course, who wouldn’t stop to read more about such a story with a happy ending. The tale will make you happier if you’re someone who loves animals. It details how a horse was rescued after it fell down a ravine. There is also a video showing the rescue op and it may leave you with happy tears.

The post has been shared on Facebook by Orange County Fire Authority, which is in Orange County, California. They explain how the horse, named Lola, fell down an approximately 60-foot ravine. She was trapped there until rescuers arrived to help her out.

Members of the technical rescue team realised it wasn’t possible to walk the eight-year-old horse out of the tough spot due to the terrain. They then decided to use a helicopter to lift her out. “We had a vet come to the scene to sedate Lola so we could safely fly her out,” says the post.

Lola was flown out of the ravine and was landed on a safe spot where more members of the team rushed to help her.

“Fortunately, we were able to reunite Lola with her owner who was ecstatic to see her!” mentions the post further.

Watch the video the rescue below:

The incident was detailed by Lola’s owner Diana Johns who mentioned that the horse made it through the ordeal without any broken bones.

Since being shared on Facebook on September 22, the video has received over 600 reactions and some 100 comments from people. Many have praised and thanked the team for rescuing Lola.

“Nice job! Thank you so much for helping this horse,” wrote an individual. “Well now I can say I’ve seen a horse fly! Great job Technical Rescue Team!” shared another.

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