Herd of deer wander around ‘the heart of the Mumbai city,’ video stuns people

The Internet is filled with videos of animals happily wandering around the streets in several parts of the world during or post lockdown. Now there is a latest addition to that list involving a herd of deer. Shared by environmental activist Afroz Shah on Twitter and Facebook, the video shows the beautiful creatures happily running around in an area near River Mithi in Mumbai.

In the Facebook post’s caption, Shah wrote that the beautiful video was captured at the starting point of River Mithi which is located near Sai Bangoda. Then he added that the place is “right in the heart of the Mumbai city.”

In the following lines, Shah wrote how leaving nature undisturbed is the only way to revive it. He added, “Leave Mother Nature alone. Mother Nature revives. The habitat revives. Spotted deer reclaiming their forest. Positive effect of the lockdown.”

Take a look at the video which shows the happy creatures hopping around:

Since being shared the video has received hundreds of views with several people expressing/as several people expressed their amazement, including actress Tanishaa Mukerji. “Wow, this is amazing! Some much needed positivity!” she tweeted.

“Unbelievable that it is Mumbai! Superb,” expressed another. “Such a green place exists in in the heart of the Mumbai city?” questioned a third. “This is just wow!” shared a fourth.

People on Facebook too expressed similar reactions to the video. “Nature is beautiful,” wrote a Facebook user. “In middle of Mumbai? This is truly awesome,” wrote a second.

What do you think of the video?

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