Heard of skin detox? Some tips to help give your skin some rest

How about detox for the largest organ in your body?

The word ‘detox’ maybe be overused and overheard, but on days we eat junk food, sleep with our makeup on and not drink enough water, our body really needs detoxification. Thus, it is important to at least squeeze out a week in a month or two to give the skin some love and care. If you do not take enough care for it, it shows up when the pores of your skin get clogged.

Ahead, we tell you the top three ways to help detox your skin.

Steam your face

There are times when our body has a hard time handling our callousness, this is where steam works best. Exposing your face or your body to steam opens up pores allowing for better extraction of dirt. To steam your face, boil a pot of water and then swiftly transfer it to a bowl. Hover your face close to the bowl and drape your head with a towel, concentrating the steam to your facial pores. This helps the pores to open up allowing for the dirt to be removed easily.

Drink water (only water!)

Nothing like water; and we cannot stress on this point enough. Try skipping alcohol and drink enough water to hydrate yourself and flush out toxins. If you want a better detox plan, add fresh juices with enough fibre content. This not only helps you feel fuller, but the fibre also helps with the body’s digestion process. Try ditching dairy and sugar. Following this regularly and not just as a detox tip will help your skin become better and breathe.

Follow a detox diet

We are what we eat, and that reflects on our skin too. Your beloved mac n’ cheese and chocolate milkshakes, will not help you — and that is a tough reality. In order to rejuvenate your skin, follow a diet which is high on green leafy vegetables and fruits enriched with vitamins and minerals. This will help flush out toxins. Include nuts like walnuts and almonds so that you glow from within. You cannot always promise your body that you will ditch your favourite cheese pizza and steam your face twice in a month, but little changes always go a long way.

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