Guruvani: ‘Always wish to see my students soar high’

Although the current political scenario has taken a negative turn, students must be educated about the true essence of politics. They need to be sensitised towards the need to address political issues with non-violence and maintain ethics by debating and deliberating on various matters of political relevance based on facts.

We leave no stone unturned to instil environmental value in the students. The school’s eco-club is instrumental in promoting green ways in terms of infrastructure, solar panels, water conservation, and recycling. The plantation drives conducted by the club are another motivating factor. The school emphasises environment-friendly activities. Students are encouraged to find ways to limit waste, cut down on electricity consumption, avoid unnecessary purchases, reuse items, and promote plantation. The school also has a functional compost pit and conducts rallies, nukkad-nataks, and cleanliness campaigns to spread the message of community cleanliness.

First and foremost, educators need to consider themselves to be learners first and should have the willingness to adopt and adapt. It is crucial to participate in professional development activities as each tool enhances and adds to one’s expertise to be able to choose the best one while planning a curriculum. Discussions and debates about pedagogy through case studies can enable us to see its worth before including it in the mainstream. Each faculty must be encouraged to update their competencies by participating in various symposiums, seminars, and training sessions.

Physical education is an integral part of the school curriculum. It helps teach various skills to students like leadership, patience, teamwork, and discipline. There are compulsory sports classes for all grades and, trials are held for sports events at an early age. The school organizes various sports competitions, provides free training, sponsors a scholarship for sports prodigies to promote sports among students so that they develop physical competence and demonstrate positive social skills.

Being a teacher takes patience, dedication, passion, and the ability to do more with less. It is a treacherous journey often filled with just as many valleys as mountains. The greatest challenge that teachers face is to satisfy parents, students, and school management alike. School management that is not supportive, a class of students who lack teamwork, and parents who are complaining without understanding situations, makes the job difficult for teachers. A teacher is held responsible for the win percentage of the class, the lines of the student growth indicators, and even disciplinary factors. There is a perception that teachers only work from 8am-3pm each day but in reality, they are expected to work 24x 7. This is why it has become difficult for them to find a balance between their personal and professional lives.

With the introduction of the new education policy, I can well predict that my school and students will reach the heights of success. I always wish to see my students soar high. For students’ holistic education, it is necessary to expose students to life experiences along the value system. I am certain that after 10 years, my students will have become better citizens, good humans, and empowered minds.

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