Grandparents stop by grandson’s home while he’s away to leave this sweet surprise. Watch

Grandparents usually hold a very special place in a child’s life. From their endless love to unconditional support, for most people, they become the first BFFs. That is probably why this video showcasing a man’s grandparents is making so many people smile. It shows them leaving a surprise message for their grandson while he’s away.

“My grandparents stopped by to say hi to my cameras while I’m on vacation! We don’t deserve grandparents. Keeping this video forever,” wrote Twitter user Matt G while sharing a video of the message. The clip, captured on his door camera, shows the two elderly people walking up the steps. As they reach the door, the granddad looks at the camera and says, “Hey Matt, we drank all your beer buddy,” with a big smile on his face. Chuckling and portraying a smile on her face, his grandma says, “Have a wonderful vacation, we love you.” The duo, after leaving this sweet message, walks away.

If that description made you go “aww” then wait till you see the video. Chances are it’ll fill your heart with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Since being shared a few days ago, the absolutely heartwarming video has gathered over 7.1 million views – and the numbers are only increasing. People shared overwhelming responses to this wonderful clip.

Thanking them, the original poster also tweeted, “Thanks for all the kind words, I’ll pass them along and my grandparents will be thrilled. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to, give your grandparents a call!”

While many chuckled at what the granddad said, others couldn’t control their emotions while commenting.

“‘We drank all your beer buddy’ he was thinking about saying that line all week,” wrote a Twitter user. To which, another user replied, “You just gotta feeling he was laughing about it for 3 days prior.” Joining the conversation, this is what a third wrote “Absolutely, he chuckled the whole way to his doorstep that was his moment.” Then there is this individual, who shared this thought, “Delivered flawlessly. Almost forgot to help granny up the steps because he was so focused on dropping that line!!”

We can’t deny that the line his granddad delivers makes this video even more of a delight to watch. Excited, one Twitter user wrote:

Here’s how others reacted:

There were a few who were curious about a hose being pulled in the background. Answering their queries Matt G wrote, “My mom was watering my plants so they don’t die haha, thanks!”

Some were so excited to see the video that they jokingly asked if his grandparents could adopt them. Just like this individual who tweeted, “Matt, if your grandparents ever want to adopt a grandchild in her early 20s please contact me ASAP.”

“Your grandparents are adorable!” wrote a Twitter user and indeed they are.

What do you think of the video?

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