Google tweets #CrackTheCode challenge. Can you solve it?

As 2020 is inching closer towards its end, people are taking to various social media platforms to express their excitement to bid adieu to the year. Since the year turned out to be extremely different and not entirely in a good way, netizens are also sharing several creative posts related to the number of days left for the year to end. Google has now joined the trend with their latest #CrackTheCode challenge.

Taking to Twitter, the tech giant shared an image of a code. They informed that there is an error in the code and challenged people to correct it.

Take a look at the post. Can you solve it?

Since being shared a few hours ago, people have dropped several comments on the post. Many tweeted their answers. A few took the route of hilarity to express themselves.

Google too replied to their own tweet to share the answer. This is what they posted:

What do you think of Google’s post?

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