From food, pets to romance, celebs: What gave Twitterati joy this time, last year

From Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Kolkata topping the list for conversations around nostalgia to Ludhiana tweeting the most about romance, find out what kept Twitter abuzz last year

The year has turned out to be quite a dampener with the ongoing pandemic restricting the world inside their homes for the most part of 2020. In comparison, things were not so gloomy last year and that’s exactly what a recent study, Quilt.AI commissioned by Twitter India revealed — things that gave tweeple joy in 2019. The study analysed the conversations on the microblogging site and found some interesting everyday exchanges on themes like animals, celebration, doing good deeds, family, food, humour, nostalgia, romance and sports.

For the study, the team analysed 8,50,000 tweets across 22 Indian cities from September-November 2019 over a 100-day framework and have created ‘Conversation Replay’, a platform that offers a throwback to those joyful conversations, “for people to revisit the little pleasures of life again”. Manish Maheshwari, managing director, Twitter India said, “Twitter is a modern public square where diverse voices discuss their views on topics that interest them. Last year, people were revelling in many joys of life. With Conversation Replay, we intend to throwback to those vibrant conversations. Sharing these conversations is our way of giving Indians a moment of happiness and reminding them that little pleasures lead to joy.”

According to the results, southern cities like Ernakulam, Hyderabad and Chennai led conversations across themes of sports, food, celebration, celebrity content, and humour. Ludhiana topped the charts for conversations on romance while Raipur led conversations around animals. Bhubaneswar had the most conversations around family and doing good deeds, whereas Mumbai led conversations on nostalgia.

Martyn Uren, head of research – APAC and MENA, Twitter added, “Our research has found that Indians on Twitter love to talk about topics that bring them joy, and there is a diverse range of these topics that one can see emerging from different parts of the country, from food and family to celebration and celebrity content, and much more,” he said.

Some of the conversations that drove the study included:


People call out #PetTwitter or #AnimalTwitter for a dose of cuteness to uplift their mood. Raipur tweeted the most about animals followed by Ernakulam, and Mumbai.


There is a great amount of happiness that comes with documenting festivities, achievements, and also in celebrating small wins like buying a new item for yourself. Hyderabad led engagement around celebration, followed by Indore, and Visakhapatnam.

Celebrity content

Chennai-led engagement around celebrity content, followed by Visakhapatnam and Coimbatore. The prominence of southern cities on the leaderboard is no surprise considering every year top Twitter conversations around entertainment emerge from this region, said the study.

Doing good deeds

Doing good deeds and acts of kindness give one a sense of purpose. Bhubaneswar was the top city tweeting and contributing to it, closely followed by Ludhiana and Mohali.


Bhubaneswar tweeted the most about the joys of celebrating special moments with loved ones, followed by Kanpur and Chennai.


Food brings India together. Second to the joy of cooking and savouring food is the joy of photographing it. Ernakulam beat all cities when it came to tweeting about food, followed by Bengaluru and Ludhiana.


Candid, deadpan and without restraint, Chennai loved a good joke, driving the maximum tweet volumes for humour, followed by Mohali and Coimbatore.


Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Kolkata topped the list for conversations around nostalgia. These cities reminisce about the good old days of charm. People from these cities often post tweets containing sepia-tinted or black and white images, old portrait shots in front of popular landmarks, and even their own baby pictures.

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Ludhiana tweeted the most about romance, followed by Ahmedabad and Kolkata.


Be it a conversation about the team that they support, or ongoing matches, or sharing fan art wishing their favourite sportsperson birthday, people from Ernakulam engaged the most in the joy of celebrating sports, followed by Bhubaneswar and Chennai.

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