Frog named Obi-Wan loves food and people adore it. Watch

We all have some kind of favourite food dishes which we just can’t have enough of. Obi-Wan, the frog, is here to tell you that the feeling is not exclusive to humans. Case in point is this video of the frog’s reaction on seeing its favourite food – shrimps. Chances are the video of this unusual-looking amphibian will make you crave for your favoured dish too.

Posted on its personal Instagram account, the clip opens with the unusual-looking yellow-skinned frog swimming in its enclosure. On the Instagram bio, it’s mentioned that Obi-Wan’s looks are a result of a rare condition called ‘bloat’. It also mentions that the frog is recovering well.

The clip then goes onto show the frog’s reactions while munching on some tasty shrimp served by its hooman.

Take a look at the video:

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The clip has garnered over 7,400 views and tons of comments since being shared a few days ago. While some couldn’t stop gushing over the unusual-looking frog’s video, others wished it a speedy recovery.

“My favourite frogggie,” exclaims an Obi-Wan fan and we second them. “Mmm, shrimp, heaven, NOW,” comments another, trying to showcase the frog’s perspective.

“I hope he gets well soon,” writes another well-wisher.

What do you think of this good boi?

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