Free saris, dhoties for patients

A total of 4,000 patients at the Government Rajaji Hospital here were surprised when officials from the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple administration walked in with thousands of clothes here on Wednesday.

The officials visited general wards, where in-patients are housed and wards where burn victims are accommodated, and distributed 3,000 saris and 1,000 dhotis to patients. They said that this kind of charity happens once in three months.

“Thousands of devotees offer expensive and good quality saris and dhotis for gods and goddess at the temple. We receive at least 50 to 100 saris every day. We have decided to contribute to the welfare of patients at the hospital and make a change,” they said.

The initiative began when floods rocked Chennai and Cuddalore, says an official. “We began giving away tonnes of clothes which were earlier kept in storage. On realising that there was a need in Madurai too, we approached the GRH. The hospital authoriteis immediately agreed,” he said.

The package from the temple includes a sari or dhoti and prasad from the morning pooja.

K. Lakshmi, a patient, said that “we often pray to goddess Meenakshi and hope that She makes us feel better. We are not able to visit the temple due to our illness but the temple administration’s gesture makes us feel that the goddess has blessed us.”

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