Food review: Making merry in the Jardin

At first, when you arrive at Invincible Boudoir & Jardin, you could be a little baffled as to where to sit. The name alone could leave some of us who skipped French in school in a tizzy. The outside of the restaurant, where hookah is served, has patio furniture and beautifully arranged weaver-basket lamps for its mood lighting. On the inside, there’s graffiti wall art, butterfly curios atop corner tables that also have lamps; lounge furniture that crowd around single coffee tables; padded wall panels, and a few high-tables in the corner. This Asian, Indian and European restaurant is situated smack dab in the center of Hill Road, Bandra, but its interiors are a garden-cum-lounge set-up that transport you away from the bustling city noise.

The restaurant, which, as the waiter said, prides itself on its cocktails, has an extensive menu, that is interspersed with French words. However, certain items that we wanted to order were unavailable. We began the evening with a round of their signature drinks — a Porn-star martini (₹600), a vodka-based drink, which blends the bitters of the champagne and the tangy passion fruit into a heady concoction, and a Madame butterfly (₹600), which is a gin-based drink that mixes apricot brandy, matcha, and floral honey-foam into a smooth refreshment. For the sustenance, the restaurant has keto-friendly options, but we ordered a serving of Butter garlic prawns with bacon bits (₹570), which, as the name suggests, had juicy tiger prawns tossed in a butter and garlic base that was peppered with spices. In keeping with the theme, the garnishing for most of their appetizers were vegetable trimmings and small flowers sprinkled across plates.

Next, we ordered the Honey Moon (₹600), a whiskey-based drink with passion fruit and the slightest taste of ginger, and the Frida (₹600), which had grapefruit and a smoked rosemary garnish that went well with its tequila base. Another round of drinks called for a serving of the highly-recommended MushMai Tai mushroom bruschetta appetizers (₹390), which not only packed in the flavour but also generous toppings. The Crispy Korean chicken croquet (₹450), however, was a bit of a dry, let down. But from the restaurant’s limited main courses (a few of which weren’t available), the Chorizo and beetroot risotto (₹650) was a creamy delight that only lightly hinted at the spicy pork.

We ended the night with an old school favourite, Tiramisu (₹590), that might be a hit with coffee lovers. And the decadent Orange zest and Cointreau infused Flexi ganache (₹590), had a jelly-like consistency with biscuit and ginger crumble to complement its texture.

All-in-all, do visit Invincible Boudoir & Jardin for a night of good booze and dancing but be wary of backaches on account of balancing cutlery and napkins on your lap while you enjoy your meal.

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