Do you have milk powder at home? Use it to give your skin a fresh glow

Find out about some milk powder face masks that can take care of many of your skin problems.

Skincare is an essential part of our routine that we cannot really do without. Even when we are home, we have to make sure we take care of both our mental health and physical well-being. Skincare ingredients and easy DIYs at home ensure we do not miss the salon too much in the lockdown period. Besides, taking care of the skin is a non-negotiable necessity, anyway.

So, this time, we bring you another easy routine, one that involves the milk powder. That is right — instead of worrying about using actual milk, you can use it in the powder form for your beauty regimen, especially if you feel you have developed a rash, or your skin has started to lose its natural glow because of the heat and tanning.

Find out about some milk powder face masks that can take care of many of your skin problems.

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Milk powder, flour and orange mask

An unusual combination which can be quite effective. Together, these three ingredients can exfoliate your skin and give you a natural glow by remove the tan. Also orange is rich in vitamin C, which can be quite helpful. To make this face pack, you will need a teaspoon each of milk powder, orange juice and gram flour. Make a thick, consistent paste and apply it evenly on your face and neck region. Leave it for 15 minutes and let it dry. After that, wash it off with cold water. You will see the difference instantly. It is, however, advisable that you do a patch test first.

Milk powder, yogurt and lemon

If you notice dark spots on the skin, use a face pack that involves all of these three kitchen ingredients. Together, they can remove pigmentation and spots, and restore the skin’s natural glow. For this, you will need the above three items. Begin by making a paste with two teaspoons of yogurt, one teaspoon of milk powder and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Make a paste and leave it on the face for 20 minutes, before you wash it with water.

Milk powder and multani mitti

If you have oily skin, you must try this face pack. It is known that multani mitti is great for the skin, which is why it has to be paired with milk powder to make the perfect paste. This helps those who have oily skin and are particularly prone to an acne breakout. Mix the two and add some water to remove the excess oil from the face. Leave the pack on for a few minutes and then rinse it off. You will see noticeable difference in a few days.

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