Dad surfs like a boss in his backyard pool while working from home. Watch

As work from home continues for many professionals around the world, people are slowly getting used to the change in working culture. While earlier ‘water-cooler talk’ or ‘momo breaks’ were the norm, now individuals have invented new ways to keep themselves entertained during work breaks. This dad, in particular, has come up with an incredibly cool way to rest for a few moments before jumping back into his professional responsibilities, pun intended.

This clip, captioned “Like Father Like Son,” was posted on TikTok on May 23. A TikToker named Dylan Johnson has shared the video.

The recording opens with the shot of a backyard with a pool. Words spelling ‘working from home’ are seen written on the screen. Dylan’s dad soon runs into the frame and hops onto a surfboard stationed in the middle of the pool. He covers the rest of the distance of the waterbody on the board, after which he hops off on dry land. Unfazed by this cool stunt that he just pulled off, the man sits down at his make-shift workstation.

The trick in itself was very neat, but this man’s reaction to it added to the coolness quotient of the entire video.


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This video currently has over 2.6 million views. Additionally, the post has almost 3.5 lakh likes and over 2000 comments.

Here is how TikTok users reacted to the share. One person punnily said, “He zoomed into that meeting”. While another wrote, “There are so many flexes in this clip”.

“CEO of having the coolest dad,” read one comment referring to Dylan himself. This surfboard stunt surely is the most refreshing dad move we have ever seen.

What are your thoughts on this dad and his unique WFH habits?

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