Clip of goofy orangutan trying to prank its friend is what you need to cure mid-week blues

Orangutans are said to posses tons of similarities with humans. And probably that’s why netizens are such big fans of the silly yet funny videos of these primates. Case in point, this clip of an orangutan trying to prank its friend while wearing a sack. The funny video is winning the Internet and guaranteed to make you smile.

Though old, the clip has resurfaced on Twitter after being shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda. The goofy actions of both the orangutans will definitely cure any mid-week blues you may have.

Originally shared by ‘Save the Orangutan’ in 2017, the clip shows a prankster orangutan with a sack over its head. The goofy primate tries to prank its friend who can be seen sitting calmly while trying to inspect some leaves. As the clip continues, the friends can be seen playing in an adorable manner.

Take a look:

Posted on July 1, the video has already garnered more than 25,000 views and tons of comments. While some affirmed that the clip was just a daily episode from their home in childhood, some even shared that the clip reminded them of their children.

Siblings, children or just a silly friend, whom did these orangutans remind you of?

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