Chhath Puja 2020 wishes: Quotes, images, messages to share with your loved ones

Chhath Puja is a Hindu festival dominantly celebrated in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern Uttar Pradesh and the country of Nepal, and this year it.will be celebrated on Friday, November 20. This day is dedicated to the Sun God, Lord Surya and his sister Chhathi Maiya. Lord Surya is believed to be the source of all powers. Devotees offer prayers to Lord Surya, perform important rituals over a course of four days. Given how the coronavirus pandemic has dampened the festive spirit this year in terms of larger-than-life celebrations and big gatherings, here are some wishes for you to share with your loved ones wherever they are:

– I thank the sun for bestowing the bounties of life on earth and fulfilling particular wishes. Happy Chhath 2020!

– May the occasion of Chhath Puja light up new hopes and opportunities in your life and fulfil all your dreams and leave you with a smile.

– On this Chhath puja, may chhathi Maiya give you the courage of a lion and the strength of an elephant. Happy Chhath 2020!

-Surya Devta Ki Kripa Hum Par Bani Rahe, Usha Maiyya Ki Kirnein Jeevan Ko Prajwalit Kerti Rahein. Chhath Puja Ki Dheron Shubh Kamnayein

– May this Chhath Puja mark the beginning of good life, fortune, and glory for you, setting a new and energetic phase for a highly successful life. Happy Chhath Puja!

– As we worship the Sun today, I pray the Sun in your life never sets. Have a wonderful Chhath Puja 2020.

– Enjoy a highly successful life ahead and stay blessed for a happy life with your family. Have a sparkling Chhath Puja 2020!

– Chhath Puja is about sincere devotion, perseverance, faith and one’s belief. May you be showered with happiness and prosperity. May the gracious rays of the Sun God light up your life.

– Remove all negativities and embrace only goodness. May Chhath Puja bring you happiness in abundance.

– Chhath Puja Ke Pavan Avsar Par Meri Or Se Aapko Dheron Shubh Kamnayein

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