Baby Abella vs Saran Wrap: Who will win? Watch to find out

Just recently baby Stormi, make-up mogul Kylie Jenner’s daughter, showed us the virtue of patience. We definitely couldn’t keep our cool with all that cuteness. Now, the Internet has blessed us with another video of a different but similarly high talented child which is a must watch.

This clip of baby Abella was posted on TikTok by her parents on May 12. The video has been shared with the caption, “I can’t believe it”.

The recording starts with Abella’s dad talking to the camera, explaining the situation. He says, “Let’s see if Abella can pass this test”. He points in the direction of the hallway which has a Saran Wrap barrier taped to both sidewalls. Just then, text reading, “Been seeing this trend,” appears on the screen.

The dad calls out to his daughter, asking her to bring him juice. “Some babies get confused how to get by,” reads the text on the screen. Soon baby Abella comes into the frame, wobbling over to her father with a juice box in her hand. How does she get past this plastic barrier? Does she even make it to her parents? Watch the video to find out!


I can’t believe it! ##baby ##saranwrap ##babygenius

Since its original posting, the clip has been watched over two lakh times and has over 400 comments.

Here is how TikTok users reacted to genius baby Abella. One person said, “OMG Abella, you are so smart”. While another individual wrote, “She’s going to grow into a smart woman”.

“Abella cannot be fooled,” proclaimed one TikToker. We agree! She didn’t even hesitate which means she is too smart for such pranks.

What are your thoughts on this baby genius?

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