Attention-seeking doggo loves to play hide-and-seek. His family indulges him in the sweetest way

Days ago, a hide and seek playing doggo surprised many and went viral for his amazing game-playing skills. As it turns out, other doggos like to play hide-and-seek too. Like this goofball, Spanky. This adorable doggo also loves to hide in his home but not as part of a game. He likes to hide so he can get his hooman family to pay him some attention.

A video shared on TikTok shows what happens every time Spanky decides he isn’t getting enough attention. The clip, posted by TikToker Sammy Miceli, shows Spanky ‘hiding’ behind a white curtain. Of course, there’s no way you can miss noticing Spanky. A sarcastic caption on the clip reads, “Wow Spank. Great hiding spot. I can’t see you at all”. Another caption explains Spanky’s attention-seeking habit.

What’s adorable, however, is how Spanky’s loving family indulges him. Another caption on the clip reads, “so my brother and dad pretended to look for him”.

The video shows the two men walking around in circles right in front of the doggo, calling out his name, and pretending they don’t know where he is.

What a cute family and what a lucky doggo.


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This lovely video has over 9.4 lakh views so far and a ton of comments.

“The fact that your family plays along… you all pass the vibe check,” comments an individual. “Is there supposed to be a dog in this video? I can’t see him,” comments another. See Spanky, you got another person all worried.

“I just love how your family is playing along. Spanky is over behind the curtain like, ‘I sure got them this time!’” writes a third. Oh wait, we totally forgot he was behind the curtain!

“This reminds me of Joey from Friends,” posts a fourth.

What do you think of this attention-seeking dog?

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