Astronauts aboard ISS recreate Times Square ball drop tradition with a twist. Watch

“How can you have a ball “drop” when there is no up or down?” this is how the caption of a video shared on official Twitter account of International Space Station (ISS) starts. The clip, which has now created quite a buzz, shows five astronauts recreating The Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop tradition but with a twist.

Each year on December 31, people gather at New York’s Times Square where at 11:59 pm a crystal-encrusted dazzling ball descends down a pole to welcome the New Year. This year, however, the ball will be dropped in an empty street due to the ongoing pandemic.

“The Exp 64 crew sends New Year’s greetings to everyone on Earth and creates its own Times Square tradition,” reads the rest of the caption.

Take a look at what the video shows:

Since being shared, the video has gathered more than 64,000 views and tons of comments.

“What a fun way to finish the year… you crew are out of this world… your live-feeds have been such a positive this year… keep shooting for the stars… well… floating amongst them,” wrote a Twitter user. “Happy New Year from Earth to ISS Crew. Great job! You all rock,” expressed another. “Happy New Year to you all out there in the stratosphere! Let’s hope and pray for a safe journey around the globe and return to earth! Blessings from Sydney, Australia,” wished a third.

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