Are you salting your food with plastic?

Salt is one of the simplest, but most necessary condiments for meals. Unfortunately, because it’s so basic, we tend not to pay attention to it. Scientists have found that this important condiment is turning toxic – they have found plastic in sea salt!

This means that every day, we are eating small quantities of plastic, which has a very unhealthy effect on everyone, and especially expecting mothers and small children. Although studies into this subject are fairly new, there are signs that the rapid growth of diseases like cancers, allergies, hormonal imbalances and nerve-related disorders are at least partly caused by the environmental pollution affecting our food.

Plastic in the sea

We throw tonnes of disposable plastic in junk yards, all of which is later thrown in waterbodies and the sea. This pollution has reached appalling levels: worldwide, approximately two garbage trucks’ worth of plastic junk is dumped in waterbodies every minute. Plastic microfibres thus enter the bodies of sea organisms and choke their biological systems. These disintegrating bodies enter the bio life of the seas, and finally, even sea salt winds up being polluted by plastic.

Side effects

Plastic impacts core processes of the body such as metabolism, digestion, hormones, fertility etc. and the illnesses caused by it can be difficult to diagnose as for medical science, this is a new phenomenon.


1) Avoid consuming sea salt altogether, especially pregnant women and growing children.

2) Don’t mix food with disposable plastics.

3) Avoid drinking hot tea or coffee in plastic cups.

From HT Brunch, September 30 , 2018

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First Published: Sep 29, 2018 21:09 IST

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