Aquarium staff cleans 30-foot tall artificial waterfall, collects tons of coins. Can you guess how much?

When the staff at North Carolina Aquarium decided to turn off their 30-foot-tall artificial waterfall and clean it, they couldn’t have imagined the surprise which was waiting for them.

Taking to their official Facebook page, they shared that after cleaning the waterfall named, Smoky Mountain, they collected many coins. And how much is many you may ask? Well, somewhere around a hundred gallons. What’s, however, heartening is that they plan to use all the collected money towards the welfare of the animals at the facility.

“Our staff turned off the 30-foot tall Smoky Mountain waterfall and collected all the coins! About 100 gallons of coins were cleaned and sorted and will go toward the general care of the aquarium and animals during this time. Can you guess how much money was in the waterfall? Put your guesses in the comments and we’ll post the answer next week! Thanks Liz Baird for the photos!” they wrote. The post is complete with four images.

In an update, they further shared that the staff members are still “sifting through the almost 14 years’ worth of coins from the waterfall.”

People shared all sorts of comments on both the posts’ comments sections. While some were surprised, others tried guessing the amount collected.

“Oh my goodness I really want to look through all those coins to see if I can find that 1943 copper penny,” wrote a Facebook user. “A few thousand I’m sure… glad it’s going into funding the aquarium animal care… it’s been a really hard year for y’all!” expressed another. “I’m just gonna say around 20,000… There’s more there than you think… I’m anxious to see what the actual amount is though,” said a third. “This is fascinating,” expressed a fourth.

How much do you think the coins will amount to?

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