‘Apaar Sansar’: Amul pays heartfelt tribute to iconic Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee

Soumitra Chatterjee, a legendary actor, a playwright and a poet, was a man of many talents. He died on November 15 of Covid encephalopathy. Soon after, netizens took to social media to pay their tributes and say goodbye to the actor. A post among them that deserves a special mention is a doodle by dairy corporation Amul.

Shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the doodle captures various noteworthy roles by Chatterjee. The text on the image reads ’Apaar Sansar’, a wordplay on the name of one of the popular movies that features him.

“Tribute to legendary Bengali stage and film actor..,” reads the caption shared alongside the doodle.

Take a look at the post:

Shared on November 16, the post has garnered over 26,000 reactions along with more than 1,000 shares. While many expressed their appreciation for Amul’s wordplay.

“Apaar means uncountable. Yes indeed uncountable sansar of cinema and theatre works. And Sri Soumitra Chatterjee’s midas touch to each of them,” read a comment by a Facebook user. “It should be Apur Sansar.. not apaar,” pointed out one individual. To which one said, “It’s not a mistake… Amul did it on purpose. Please understand the bigger picture”.

“Amul you guys have my heart with these wordplay tributes and poster artworks that you put up. Absolute perfection,” wrote a third.

What do you think of this tribute?

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