Anurag Kashyap REFUTES Kangana Ranaut’s claim that someone forced her to take drugs, says, ‘I’ve seen her do things when she was low on confidence’

Kangana Ranaut recently said in an interview to Republic TV that she was forced to take drugs. She revealed how a ‘character actor’ sedated her with injections so that she wouldn’t be able to go to shoots. Now, in a recent interview with Faye D’Souza, Anurag Kashyap has refuted her claims. According to the filmmaker, no one can be forced to take drugs.

He said, “I’ve seen her do things when she was low on confidence. And, I’ve seen it with my own eyes… When she got out of it; I have not stayed in touch, she reinvented herself after that. But, she can’t say that somebody forced it on… I don’t know what happened before but when I have seen all those elements, I’ve not seen anybody force, anybody, on, anything on her, anybody.”

He went on to say, “People make their own choices. People make choices in their down moments. People don’t know. Yes, one thing is there that when you go around in this industry and you meet somebody. The first time, when I did something, she said, ‘This will make you feel good.’ But, if somebody says that it will make you feel good you’ve tried it. After that, it’s your own choice.”

In an interview to Republic TV, Kangana had claimed that 99% Bollywood people consume drugs. She said, “At some point, 99 percent of them. Some might have faced health conditions, or because of age, or after being admitted or having repercussions, they have quit now after doing it throughout their youth. Even if I count them, there are 99 percent of people. Everybody without fail, at some point, is doing it, and if there is a party, everyone is indulging in it.”

Reacting to her statement, Raveena Tandon wrote on Twitter, “Globally,99 % of judges,politicians,babus,officials,cops are corrupt.This statement cannot be a generic description for all.People are intelligent.They can differentiate between good/ bad.Few bad apples cannot spoil a basket.Likewise our industry also has the good and the bad.”

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