Angry elephant charges towards truck and rips bonnet. Watch hair-raising video

The Internet is full of videos that prove how elephants are one of most intelligent ones in the animal kingdom. But have you ever thought how they react when they get angry? This scary video of an elephant charging towards a truck will then definitely shock you to the core.

The video posted on Twitter by Michael Dwyer shows an angry tusker running towards a truck. The driver tries to reverse the vehicle while screaming in fear. A few moments later, the elephant rams onto the bonnet of the vehicle shoving its tusks and ripping it.

“Terrifying chase down y’day by angry Karnataka elephant, rips off truck bonnet with tusks,” reads the caption.

The place of the incident was disclosed by another Twitter user along with a picture of the mangled vehicle. According to the user the incident was shot at Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka.

Posted on January 16, the video has received over 6,000 views and horrified comments from netizens. “That does look hair-raising. Hope all is okay. The truck appears to have suffered the damage,” comments a Twitter user. “There should be a serious ban on human-animal interaction in national parks/forests,” writes another.

What do you think of this terrifying clip?

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