Anand Mahindra’s ‘Caption Competition’ can keep you from getting bored during ‘social distancing’

With Netflix halting production and the shutdown of bars and theatres around the globe, many may be wondering how to pass time without being overwhelmed by constant talk about coronavirus. Well, Anand Mahindra has a solution for you. Not only is the business mogul providing people with a chance to flex their creative muscles during the coronavirus crises but also an opportunity to win ‘a Mahindra collectable’.

On March 15, Mahindra posted a picture of a man cycling with what appears to be a single unit caravan home attached to his two-wheeler. The photo was accompanied by text which stated that the best Hindi and English caption for that image would win a mini, scale model of a Mahindra vehicle.

The absurdity of the image along with the general climate of uncertainty led to some hilarious responses.

Given the recent rise in instructions, to work from home given by multiple firms; the theme of remote work continued along the thread. One Twitter user said, “When they tell you to work from home so you take your home to work”.

Here are a few other funny responses:

Ah, considering the diverse and innovative nature of these tweets, one can only imagine how hard it must be to pick the future owner of that Mahindra collectable. Which one these responses do you think is the most worthy? Additionally, are your creative juices bubbling with a potential caption that may steal Anand Mahindra and his 7.4 million follower’s hearts? If yes, now is the time to get typing for your chance to win that mini, scale model of a Mahindra vehicle!

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