‘After watching Gopi Kishan Athiya, started calling me, ‘Mere do do baap’,’ reveals Suniel Shetty

Suniel Shetty’s daughter and actress Athiya Shetty is celebrating her 28th birthday today and while we saw the Darbar actor wishing the gorgeous lady with an adorable post, we stumble upon the last year’s interview of the actor, where he revealed that Athiya Shetty used to call her ‘Mere do do baap’ after watching Gopi Kishan. Talking to HT, Suniel Shetty revealed this incident and asserted, “I never imagined that such simple dialogues and situations would become so iconic. I wonder where the child actor is these days who shot to fame after that scene. He had a very naughty look but I don’t remember his name. Whenever people would see me in public, they would say ‘Mere do do baap’. Even Athiya, after watching the film, started calling me, ‘Mere do do baap’ and I used to keep telling her ‘No no Athiya… it is not funny’. She just loved it and keeps repeating.”


When asked to Athiya Shetty what she learnt from father Suniel, she replied, “What I admire about him is that he’s not judgmental. He’s extremely motivating and always by my side; he encourages me and my decisions and has never said, ‘I told you so’.” She added, “I discuss my scripts and things I’m unsure of before I take any decision. [My father] has encouraged me to make my decisions for myself. Everyone has their own journey and their ups and downs. I’m going to learn from his mistakes, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be making my own. I know what I want to do when I look at him and his career.”

Suniel Shetty also said that he is fond of his kids’ partners and asserted, “We (he and wife Mana Shetty) love the kids and the kids they are dating. Absolutely love them and I think more than profession, being happy in life is very important today because that is the space I think that is missing. We were all happy, we grew up happy.” Speaking about his children career, Suniel added, “I think after doing 126 movies, one can’t say I have not been doing that many films. I did an overdose of cinema. I needed to take a break. This is a period where I need to focus on my children. Athiya and Ahan’s careers are more important to me. I think I should take it easy and focus on them and share with them whatever I have learnt.”

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