8-year-old’s creative ‘smoking toilet’ prank has Twitter in giggles. Watch

You may have heard a lot of news regarding toilet paper in the past few days. Be it about newspaper printing blank pages to resolve loo paper crisis or cops asking people not to call 911 in case of its shortage. But this may be the funniest loo roll joke you will consume today and, it has nothing to do with the shortage in supply of the product.

This picture was posted on Twitter by Matthew Berry, an ESPN+ host, on March 19. It is a clear representation of how Berry’s creative daughter is dealing with school shut down during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The photo shows a toilet gone rouge as it takes up the bad habit of smoking. One has to commend this 8-year-old’s imagination that used two full toilet paper rolls, one finished loo roll and a cap to create this innovative piece. The post currently has over 28,000 likes and 2,100 comments along with almost 196,000 retweets.

While on Twitter user said, “today I learned your 8-year-old and I have the exact same sense of humour”. Another responded, “this is brilliant. I just set up the same thing in my bathroom and can’t wait for the kids and my wife to stumble across it. I’m 43 years old”.

However, it wasn’t just this 43-year-old that got inspired by the ‘smoking toilet’ prank. This woman re-created the scene to spook out her boyfriend and said that it worked marvellously.

While one Twitter account declared this piece “grade A+ art”. Another took the marking scale to a whole different level by saying this:

Some people were still concerned about the shortage in supply as one Twitter user had this to add to the thread:

But honestly, out of all the ways in which one could use toilet paper during a pandemic; using it for a prank that turned into an art installation on Twitter is definitely up there. We just hope this toilet quits smoking.

What do you think of this ‘masterpiece’?

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