10 tweets to show how people are prepping for PM Modi’s #9pm9minute initiative

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to switch off the lights in their homes and light candles, diyas or mobile flashlights at 9 pm for 9 minutes tonight. He appealed to people to display their collective resolve to fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Several people, including celebrities, took to social media to urge citizens to answer the prime minister’s call. PM Modi has been retweeting such posts along with the hashtag #9pm9minute.

With the initiative only a few hours away, people have already started sharing tweets to show how they are gearing up for the initiative. While some are showing their preparations, many others are tweeting heartwarming images to express why everyone should participate in today’s initiative.

Here’s a Twitter user who urged others to light candles or diyas for “the nation”:

Another shared an image to show how they have prepared for the moment:

“Let’s show the world, we stand as one. Let’s show the health warriors we stand behind them,” wrote a Twitter user and shared this beautiful creative.

Here’s another person showing how they have prepared:

“We are lighting up the lamp of UNITY at #9Baje9Minutes tonight for our brave frontline Heroes of the great nation. A big salute to all the brave soldiers who are fighting against coronavirus,” reads a tweet.

“I am ready, are you?” asks this post.

Yet another person shared two heartening images and wrote that the initiative is something we should do for those emergency workers who are fighting in the frontline of this war against coronavirus:

Here’s some who also took help of humour to express how they are all set to light candle, diyas or mobile flashlights at 9 pm tonight:

A Twitter user shared how they are ready and waiting for 9 pm:

Here’s yet another post by a Twitter user showing how they are ready:

“On this Sunday, April 5, we will challenge the darkness of coronavirus threat together. On April 5, at 9 pm, I need your 9 minutes. At 9 pm, turn off all the lights in your houses and light a Diya, candle, torch or flashlight for 9 minutes at your doors, or balcony,” the PM had said in his address.

How are your gearing up for #9pm9minute?

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