‘Violence can’t be allowed’: SC condemns mob lynchings, asks Parliament to make law

The Supreme Court said on Tuesday no citizen can take the law into their own hands and issued guidelines to Centre and state governments to curb vigilantism.

“In case of fear and anarchy, the state has to act positively. Violence can’t be allowed,” the top court said while hearing a bunch of petitions on attacks by self-styled cow vigilantes and also against the backdrop of a recent spate of mob attacks in the country.

The top court said that the guidelines must be implemented within four weeks. It also recommended that Parliament make a new law to punish those behind lynchings.

It had said earlier in July that states are under obligation to prevent lynchings and mob violence and such incidents cannot happen by the remotest chance.

More than 20 people have been reportedly beaten to death in different parts of the country since the first week of May following rumours, mostly propagated on social media and messaging platforms, that peddle fear of outsiders kidnapping children.

Police and government warnings to people not to believe in such messages have gone unheeded and in Tripura, a mob lynched a person hired by the government to dispel such rumours.

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