Tears don’t reflect helplessness, never said Cong troubling me: HD Kumaraswamy

"I was speaking at my family programme. I have shared my pain with family members. I have not criticised Congress leaders," said Kumaraswamy.

Days after his emotional speech at a JDS event triggered speculations of disputes between the Congress-JDS alliance, Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Tuesday stated that the tears were not out of “helplessness”. He also asserted that he has not spoken anything against the Congress.

Accusing the media of hyping the issue, the CM said that there was nothing wrong in being emotional at a party event which was like a “family function” for him. He also clarified that nowhere during his address he mentioned of Congress or its leaders were troubling him.

“I’m an emotional person, but it is not my helplessness. Did I shed tears at a government programme? As chief minister I have worked towards implementing programmes strongly,” PTI quoted Kumaraswamy as saying.

He added, “I was speaking at my family programme. I have shared my pain with family members. I have not criticised Congress leaders. While talking emotionally, it is natural that tears flow. More than a CM, I am an ordinary person with emotions.”

The CM also said, “I spoke for an hour on that day. Nowhere I talked anything about the Congress creating problems. I have told media friends that despite difficulty I have taken the strong step of loan waiver and have implemented programmes, but somewhere I’m not getting encouragement for my good work.”

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Taking a jibe at media, the CM said, “I have been seeing for the last 55 days, from the time I became chief minister, the electronic media have made news as they want and have placed it before people. Who will benefit out of it? Why are you doing it? Is there a need?”

The CM is currently in Delhi and will leave for Karnataka on Thursday morning. He is scheduled to meet several Union ministers. He will also chair a meeting with the MPs of Karnataka on Cauvery water issue.

While addressing a party event in Bengaluru on Sunday, the chief minister had expressed his dissatisfaction. “All of you are happy because your elder or younger brother has become the chief minister. But I am not happy. I am swallowing my own pain like poison, like Vishakantha (Lord Shiva, who drank poison to save the world),” he had said.

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