Talk it out, walk out or vote out, Naidu tells MPs

No party can hold House to ransom, says RS Chairman

Warning the Telugu Desam Party ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament, Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu, while interacting with floor leaders on Tuesday, said no party could bring the House to ransom insisting on government’s response; instead they should “talk it out, walk out or vote out”.

He was reacting to TDP MP and former Minister Y.S. Chowdary’s comments that Parliament’s authority was undermined when the Bills passed by it were not implemented by the government.

Undeterred protest by the TDP and the YSR Congress Party in both Houses of Parliament was the key reason for the washout of the last session.

Informal meeting

Mr. Naidu had called the floor leaders of all political parties for an informal meeting at his residence ahead of the monsoon session that begins on Wednesday. Eight Ministers and 23 leaders of 20 parties attended the meeting.

“No party can bring the House to a standstill insisting on government’s response even as the members and parties have a right to seek such a response. The better way would be to talk it out, walk out or vote out. If the government of the day is found to be unresponsive to genuine issues, it should be taken to the people instead of forcing adjournment of the House through persistent disruptions,” Mr. Naidu said.

Azad’s stand

Speaking on similar lines, Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad said 90% of the parties in the House always desired smooth functioning of the House. He said those who were agitated over issues of concerning their States needed to be appropriately reached out by the government.

Mr. Azad told the gathering that there were at least 10 issues that they would like to seek an account from the government on. Instead of pushing for contentious Bills, the government should start with legislative Bills that had wider acceptance. He was hinting at the government’s insistence on clearing the triple talaq Bill during the last session.

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