T.N. should set up panel to protect fireworks industry: MP


Virudhunagar MP B. Manickam Tagore has urged the State Government to set up a high-level committee to ensure the sustenance and development of fireworks industry in Sivakasi.

Talking to reporters, he said that Tamil Nadu Government should show the same interest it has been showing for the development of knitting industry of Tiruppur.

Stating that the century-old fireworks industry was providing the livelihood of arid Sivakasi, he said the industry had the potential to bring huge foreign exchange by way of exporting its goods.

The Congress MP was highly critical of those who were trying to malign the image of fireworks industry by spreading false information that child labourers were involved in the industry.

Some “English-speaking” people were trying to thwart the Indian fireworks’ attempt to compete with Chinese fireworks industry in the global market.

Claiming that the industry has suffered a huge loss due to ban on bursting crackers during Deepavali by various State Governments, he said those Governments should compensate the traders for their loss.

The Congress Whip in Lok Sabha, Mr. Tagore dismissed that Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Tamil Nadu will bring about political changes.

“He has visited Tamil Nadu 12 times in the past and nothing has changed and he has not even kept his promises. The people of Tamil Nadu know that Bharatiya Janata Party was against the interest of Tamils,” he said.

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