S*xual harassment in TV9! Bharatvarsh output editor resigns

The output editor of TV9 Bharatvarsh, Ajay Azad, has reportedly tendered his resignation after allegations of s*xual harassment was filed against him by two of his women colleagues within two days of each other this month.

According to the complaints, Ajay Azad is accused of s*xual harassment, solicitation and threatening them. The complainants have accused Ajay Azad of sending them lewd messages, requesting them for s*xual favors in lieu of aiding their career advancement. He also allegedly tried to get the ladies to meet him outside, even suggesting to one that they take a hotel room.

Both the ladies say in their complaint that they were clear about their lack of interest in him from the beginning.

The head of news channel TV9 Bharatvarsh’s output division in Noida Ajay Azad has been accused by two women of s*xual harassment. Both the ladies filed a complaint against him.

A woman said that they waited this long in the wake of the reputation of the company and the journalism values and their own respect. But Ajay Azad took advantage of their silence and intimidated them more.

According to the latest updates, Ajay Azad tendered his resignation to TV9 Bharatvarsh, which the channel accepted.

Meanwhile, TV9 has reacted saying that the complaints were immediately committed to the Internal Committee as per guidelines and that Ajay Azad has been sent on leave for the duration of the inquiry. TV9 spokesperson said, “TV9 Group not only has zero-tolerance for s*xual harassment at the workplace but also initiates action immediately as per the law laid down.”

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