State allows use of ADF of MLAs for Central water scheme

Panchayats need to contribute 15% and beneficiaries 10% towards infrastructure cost

The panchayat and beneficiary shares for implementing rural water supply schemes under Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) can be mobilised from the Asset Development Funds (ADF) of MLAs if needed, the State government has decided.

The Finance Department had issued orders in this regard, Water Resources Minister K. Krishnankutty said on Monday. The operational guidelines for the Centrally assisted JJM require panchayats to contribute 15% and beneficiaries 10% towards the cost of project infrastructure.

However, the hefty financial burden in certain instances has proven a deterrent for many panchayats. The government has sought to overcome this hurdle with the new decision. With the government already hard-pressed to meet stiff targets under the JJM, the Water Resources Department recommended that panchayats should be allowed to use the ADF if needed.

So far, 724 of the 791 targeted panchayats have passed resolutions for implementing schemes under JJM.

Under a revised annual action plan for 2020-21, Kerala has to provide 21.42 lakh functional household tap connections (FHTC). This year, JJM schemes will be implemented in 791 panchayats. On August 12, the Water Resources Department announced plans to provide 1.5 lakh connections over a 100-day period.

Through the action plan for 2020-21, the Water Resources Department hopes to ensure 100% water supply to homes in 586 villages, 380 panchayats, and 23 blocks.

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