SIEMA seeks quality and energy efficiency standards for industrial pumps

The Central government should bring in energy efficiency standards and mandatory Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) marking for industrial pumpsets, according to K.V. Karthik, the newly-elected president of the Southern India Engineering Manufacturers Association (SIEMA).

Mr. Karthik told The Hindu that industrial pumpsets are manufactured or supplied in the country mainly by international players and they follow international norms. However, not all these pumps comply with the energy efficiency standards in India. These pumps, used largely in power and water utility segments, should also be covered under the Indian quality and energy efficiency standards.

Further, the solar powered water pumping programme of the Central government has not taken off as expected. The government should modify some of the policy guidelines for the programme to succeed and the Association has given its suggestions, he said. “Manufacturers in Coimbatore should find an entry into the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy programmes,” he said. The Association will work for this in the coming months.

Another focus area for SIEMA will be increasing the share of Coimbatore pumpset manufacturers in the Indian market. Currently, the manufacturers enjoy 55 % share, supplying mainly agriculture and domestic pumps. The market offers potential for the manufacturers here to expand their presence.

V. Krishnakumar, the out-going president of the Association, said the pumpset industry was able to regain its lost business and survive with the resources available during the last few months. SIEMA represented to the government the difficulties faced by the industry and was instrumental in bringing pumpsets under the category of essential agricultural implement.

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