Seven trees get a new lease of life

Seven trees, which were facing the axe for a road widening work in Palayamkottai have been safely translocated and replanted along the bunds of Vaeinthaankulam around the new bus stand.

When renovation of the Vaeinthaankulam new bus stand and a few other construction works were started recently at the bus terminus under the ‘Smart City’ programme, 106 trees on this premises, mostly neem, faced the threat of being axed. On coming to know about the 15-year-old trees’ destiny, the then Collector Shilpa Prabhakar Satish put forward the idea of translocating the trees to the Vaeithaankulam surrounding the bus terminus.

Subsequently, all the trees were uprooted with the help of heavy equipment in mid-October and moved to the new ‘home’ by a team, led by ‘Osai’ K. Syed Kattuva, Project Officer, Department of Environmental Sciences, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore.

“Of the 106 trees, more than 90 trees have started showing signs of life as new leaves are coming out. We hope that the remaining trees will also respond to our efforts,” said Mr. Syed.

Meanwhile, the Corporation, which is constructing a median on the road between Perumalpuram Police Station and Maharaja Nagar Railway Crossing besides widening it under the ‘Smart City’ programme, had to remove at least eight trees as part of the widening work. Again, the services of these experts were utilised to uproot the trees and plant it along the bunds of Vaeinthaankulam.

“While we were able to translocate seven trees, a parakeet family has its nest in the eighth tree, which now has chicks. So we did not disturb the tree as of now. It will be translocated only after the chicks fly out,” said Mr. Syed.

Corporation Commissioner G. Kannan said the urban civic body, which was developing ‘urban jungles’ through Miyawaki planting system at several places within the city, would not allow any tree to be sliced unnecessarily for any development work. “We’ll always try our level best to provide the trees a new home with utmost care given by the experts in this field,” Mr. Kannan said.

Chief Executive Officer of Tirunelveli Smart City Limited V. Narayanan Nair said cutting down age-old trees along the roads instead of translocating them would be the worst sin to commit.

“Hence, we decided to utilize the expertise of the people, who have just completed similar job in Vaeinthaankulam new bus-stand. It is really satisfying to see the trees are alive even as the roads have been widened. It’s a win-win situation for us and the trees,” said Dr. Nair.

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