Service providers told to remove cables that are posing a danger to people

They have been given time till January 6 after which the corporation will jump into action

Commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation Akshy Sridhar said here on Thursday that the civic body will remove after January 6 such cables (not electricity lines) of various service providers drawn through electricity poles on the roadside and on medians that are posing a danger to people.

He told the council of the corporation in its meeting that the service providers should remove such hanging cables posing danger to pedestrians and vehicles, on their own by January 6. If not, the civic body will jump into action.

The corporation commissioner said that the service providers have been given time till January 6 to provide details on the overhead cables drawn by them. The civic body will assess later how many of them are authorised ones.

Earlier, councillor Naveen R. D’Souza told the council that some service providers, including telecom operators, have tied (drawn) their cables to the electricity poles without the permission from the civic body. They should have obtained no objection from the corporation for them as the hanging cables posed danger to the lives of people in many places. On the other hand, the civic body too has lost revenue as the service providers have drawn their lines free.

Mayor Diwakar said that he will call a meeting on January 11 to discuss issues pertaining to traffic management in the city. Senior police officials too will be invited to the meeting to address the issues.

Councillors said that some building owners have allotted space reserved for parking to run commercial activities. Parking space in such buildings should be restored.

Replying to this, the Mayor said that when the authorities are removing such commercial stalls, none of the councillors should intervene to prevent the eviction drive.

The Mayor said that another meeting will be called to discuss the issues related to digging roads and roadside spaces multiple times by various service providers to lay underground utility lines. The meeting is aimed at facilitating co-ordination among service providers to lay their utility lines together with mutual co-ordination to prevent digging roads multiple times.

Sudhir Shetty Kannur, a councillor, said that New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) has taken steps to reserve five acres of land to build a gou shala to house stray cattle, especially in the Panambur area.

Earlier, some members expressed concern that stray cattle in the Panambur area are coming in the way of traffic safety especially on the National Highway 66.

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