SC verdict relevant to Puducherry too, Chief Minister Narayanasamy

“I have been saying this for the last two years,” said the Puducherry Chief Minister.

The ruling given by the five-judge Bench of the Supreme Court on the tussle between Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal and the Lieutenant Governor in the capital has been welcomed by Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy. The CM on Wednesday said the “SC verdict has validated his stand that ultimate power rests with an elected government.”

Addressing a hurriedly convened press conference amid the Assembly proceedings, Mr. Narayanasamy, said the SC verdict very much applied to Puducherry.

“The SC verdict has upheld the spirit of the constitution and democracy. In a democracy, the elected government is the final authority,” he said.

Expressing optimism that Ms. Bedi would honour the verdict, the Chief Minister said the L-G has no independent authority and was bound by the aid and advice of the Ministry.

“I have been saying this for the last two years. I have written letters asking her to function within the framework of rules. But she has not responded. Now, the SC has upheld my stand,” the Chief Minister said.

In the last two years, the government had to face hurdles in fulfilling election promises due to the day to day interference of Ms Bedi.

“My fight with her was not a power struggle. The constitution has clearly demarcated powers. I was fighting against her day to day interference in administration. We will give her the due respect if she functions within the limits,” the Chief Minister said.

“The L-G was free to make field visits but cannot take spot decisions and issue directions to officers. As per rules, she cannot unilaterally convene meetings of officials at Raj Nivas. However, the Lt Governor can invite officials to Raj Nivas for clarifying issues on files sent by the cabinet. Even then, the official can attend the meeting only after briefing the concerned Ministers,” he said.

“Any official found violating the rules will be punished. And I will be the first to file a contempt petition if anyone violates the SC order,” he said.

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