Samiti to organise ‘Chitranna Seve’for ‘balance’ in rainfall in State

This organisation had conducted the wedding of two frogs seeking rain in June

The Udupi Zilla Nagarika Samiti would be organising a “Chitranna Seve” at the Sri Ananteshwara Temple here at 6.20 p.m. on Wednesday offering prayers seeking “balance” or reduction in rainfall in the State.

Nityananda Volakadu, general secretary of the samiti, said here on Tuesday that the last few days had seen torrential rain in different parts of the State, including in North Karnataka and Kodagu. This heavy rain had thrown life out of gear.

Hence, the samiti had decided to organise a “Chitranna Seve” at the Sri Ananteshwara Temple on Wednesday as per the direction of elders. “Devotees should turn up in large number for this event,” Mr. Volakadu said. It may be recalled that this samiti had organised the marriage ceremony of a male and a female frog seeking rain here on June 8 this year, as Udupi district was facing severe water scarcity. The samiti had organised a similar programme in 2008. It organised a “baby shower” also for frogs in 2009 seeking rain, and a “cradling ceremony” of tadpoles for rain in 2012.

This is for the second time that the samiti is organising a programme for reducing or “balancing” rainfalls. “We had organised a ‘Chitranna Seve’ after there was heavy rain in 2008, the year we had first organised the marriage of frogs seeking rain. After the ‘Chitranna Seve’, rainfall had reduced,” Mr. Volakadu said.

The samiti’s move comes after some persons sought “divorce” between the two “married” frogs on the social media because of torrential rain leading to loss of lives and property in the State in the last few days.

“Some people are demanding on WhatsApp divorce between the two frogs. Where can we find them? We had released them in the Mannu Palla Lake in Manipal after their wedding on June 8, 2019. Besides, the two frogs too may not want a divorce,” Mr. Volakadu said.

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