Ryots not to give up land for Pharma City project

The project would pollute the water, they say

Farmers drawn from four villages that will be affected by the Pharma City project said they will not give up their land for the project. The ambitious Pharma City sprawling over thousands of acres about 25 km from Outer Ring Road in 18 villages and tandas is touted as an integrated industrial area for pharmaceutical firms.

“I have sold plates made of lotus leaves to buy the land. It has the blood and sweat of my family. I will not give up the land for anything in the world,” said Panga Anusaya fighting back tears. Speaking at a press conference in the city, other farmers and poultry farm owners from the area expressed similar firm sentiments against giving up their land which they said was very fertile.

The farmers said they felt cheated after reports gained traction that the Prime Minister is likely to lay the foundation stone for the project.

“Once the project is completed it will turn Hyderabad’s ground water toxic. The pollution in Musi due to Jeedimetla has not been solved. How will they create a facility with zero pollution,” said Mallesh Yadav another farmer demanding the project be scrapped. “The MLA can stop the project but he is not siding with the people who voted for him,” said Mr. Yadav.

“The public hearing for environmental clearance for the Pharma City project was a sham with police stopping people from expressing their concerns. The clearances given have a lot of loopholes,” said Narasimha Reddy, a public policy expert who set the agenda for press conference.

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