Rosatom to conduct ‘Global Online Nuclear Quiz’ on November 10

Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, ROSATOM, will be conducting an online nuclear quiz contest for school and college students in India, and across the world. The contest will be conducted on November 10 on the occasion of ‘World Science Day’ and in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry.

The objective of this event was to raise public awareness and curiosity in nuclear science, underline its importance in improving daily lives and highlighting the role nuclear industry plays in making human presence on this fragile planet more sustainable. With the pandemic restrictions that has led schools and colleges to move to virtual learning platforms, the contest provides an opportunity for students to participate in a fun knowledge activity from the comfort of their homes.

The quiz allows testing one’s knowledge and learning something new about nuclear energy. It consists of 25 questions ranging from how to obtain gold from mercury to comparing solar power and nuclear power. The quiz will be available in 11 languages including Tamil, bringing together participants from all over the world. Prominent academics, researchers and scientists are part of the contest to make it even more adventurous and enriching.

“We hope this contest will help in raising awareness among younger generation about the importance of nuclear power, its role in advancement of science and the latest technological achievements. We hope that the knowledge they gain will inspire them to consider nuclear engineering as a career option, as well as give them a platform to get the knowledge about a variety of scientific facts on the nuclear energy industry,” said Rosatom South Asia CEO Andrey Shevlyakov in a statement.

Rosatom values diversity and therefore each of 11 languages will have its own expert – all with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world. For example, Professor R. Rajaraman, Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Physics, School of Physical Sciences Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, Mohammed Iqbal Hosan, Assistant Professor, Nuclear Engineering Department, University of Dhaka in Bangladesh, John Lindberg, nuclear expert with the World Nuclear Association (WNA) in the United Kingdom, Egor Zadeba, lecturer and engineer of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in Russia, Asmaa Hanafi, researcher at energy and environmental field at Alexandria University in Egypt and Petrus Pennanen, Doctor of Nuclear Physics, member of Helsinki City Council in Finland.

The students will also receive certificates of participation and with the option to share the certificate on their social media pages or download it on their devices.

Website for the quiz – -is available in several languages including Tamil. The quiz will be available for 24 hours on November 10 on the website, the statement said.

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