Realty jitters to quarantine hotels: Covid-19 news from the business sector

The coronavirus disease will delay the delivery of housing units, experts say, adding to the problems of the already-struggling realty sector. In the hospitality sector, some hotels, in a bid to stay afloat, are offering services to guests who want to quarantine themselves. Here’s a list of top stories from Hindustan Times newspaper.

Recovering real estate sector slumps again amid lockdown to curb Covid-19 spread

The three-week lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) will delay residential and commercial properties by three to 12 months depending on the scale, mainly due to acute shortage of labourers in the post-virus era. Read more

How streaming services, e-book publishers are helping people cope with lockdown

What happens when over a billion people are forced to stay at home? As cities and states strengthen their lockdowns to prevent the spread of Covid-19, people have been relying on virtual entertainment as a distraction. It has kept streaming services, e-book publishers and entertainment providers busy– each stepping up their game with fresh content and low-data transmission. Read more

Coronavirus update: Hotels turn quarantine centres to stay afloat as tourism takes a hit

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has battered the travel and hospitality industry, forcing hotels to shut down across the world, but some of them have adopted a model to stay in business – accommodate guests who need to quarantine themselves. Read more

Covid-19 update: As world shuts itself in, value of teleconferencing app zooms

As people shut themselves in to keep from infecting each other, the world has moved closer online: taking classes, rehearsing music, holding quiz nights and sitting in on performances from remote locations. Read more

Covid-19: An emergency economic manifesto

India is now in a lockdown. Whether this lockdown saves us from the dangers of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) or not is a question that will be answered in the future. But there is absolutely no doubt that the economy is suffering, and will continue to suffer enormously, putting millions of Indians in serious danger. Read more

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