Rajamouli and his wife take part in Plasma donation Awareness Campaign

A recovered  Covid-19 positive patient is considered to gain enough proteins, called antibodies in his/her blood which helps the body fight infection from the root. The plasma cells, which contain antibodies, could hence help those critically ill gain antibodies to fight the COVID-19 infection when their body is unable to do so and hence, speeding up recovery rate especially for those who belong to a high-risk category, or older or are immuno-compromised.

The plasma donation is being evaluated as a possible treatment for currently ill Coronavirus patients, it can save the lives of patients battling this disease! It’s a special gift only those who have recovered from the virus. Baahubali filmmaker SS Rajamouli, his wife Rama and  the music composer Keervani took part in Plasma Donation Awareness Campaign with CP VC Sajjanar at the Cyberabad Police auditorium.

On this occasion, Rajamouli said, “ The plasma is the life-giver for the corona patients who have been struggling to come out of it.”   Rajamouli created awareness about the plasma donation campaign, which was  initiated by CP Sajjanar.

SS Rajamouli has lauded the Hyderabad CP Sajjanar for taking a noble initiative.  RRR helmer also said, “I am also ready to donate plasma at the right time. “

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