Puducherry MP seeks answers from the new government

Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) V. Vaithilingam has asked “those elected to power,” to spell out the reasons for complete absence of governance and their failure to meet the people of Union Territory after the Assembly election.

“There has been complete absence of governance by those elected to rule. The COVID-19 cases and fatalities due to the infection have increased multifold in the last month. They [AINRC-BJP] are fighting for the chair but not for the cause of the people,” Mr. Vaithilingam told reporters.

People are clueless on whom to approach for medical assistance in the absence of a government. Patients infected with the virus are running from one hospital to another seeking medical assistance.

Several patients quarantined at home have succumbed to the virus but not included in COVID-19 fatality list, he said.

Vaccination for the virus was slow and a major chunk of people are still left out, he added.

He also praised Lt. Governor Tamilisai Soundarajan for filling up the vacuum created by those elected to power. “If not for the Lt. Governor, people would have been put to more hardship,” Mr. Vaithilingam said.

The absence of governance had also put the farmers in a confused state as they are clueless on the agency to be approached for procurement of paddy, he said.

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