Provide children with a conducive environment for learning

Academic performance, in terms of marks in the examinations, has been the conventional method of identifying slow learners. Teachers should give appropriate diagnostic tests to identify learning difficulties and scientifically categorise students into ability groups and plan for suitable teaching strategies like mnemonics.

One day a week can be spared for the reinforcement class following a special time table. It is important to ensure that these students get the required minimum basics by way of persuasive and motivational teaching in a conducive learning atmosphere rather than completing the portions. Teachers should give students confidence and keep a record of their progress in studies.

Teachers can also visit students at home to know more about them and their home atmosphere. It is equally important that teachers identify their strengths and aptitude in extracurricular domains and take efforts to promote and channelise them on the right track.


Principal. Sree Narayana Public School, Palakkad

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