Poor maintenance plagues cremation ground

K. Santhosh Kumar, a resident of Iyer Bungalow, said he was shocked when he reached the cremation ground at G.R. Nagar in Kannanenthal on Wednesday at around 7 p.m. to cremate the body of his 91-year-old grandmother.

The cremation ground was completely dark without lights. “We switched on two-wheelers and torch light from our smartphones to complete the ritual at the ground, which took around 45 minutes. Even rites like tonusring was performed under the torchlight of our smartphone. It was a nightmare to complete the procedure in darkness,” he said. The poor maintenance of the ground compounded the woes of the family.

The staff at the ground say that the two lamp posts at the cremation ground have not been functioning for more than a week. “No action has been taken to repair the lights despite repeated requests,” said the staff. The cremation ground handles around five cases every week. “Usually, residents of Iyer Bungalow, Kannaendhal, Oomachikulam and nearby areas prefer this ground to cremate bodies,” he added.

Wild growth of bushes plague the ground, said Mr. Kumar. “In addition, remains of clothes, pot shreds and waste from previous rites were found scattered all around the ground. The dead deserve a better place than this kind of atmosphere,” he said.

The staff said that they have been asking corporation officials to clear the waste from the ground regularly.

Besides, borewell motor at the ground has been under repair for the past five years. “Corporation lorries fill up the water tank during the day time. When cases have to be attended in night, we have no option but to purchase water from private parties to fill the tank. The cremation ground remains neglected for many years,” the staff said.

The City Health Officer P. Kumaraguruparan said that all the issues would be sorted out immediately.

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