Political parties in India have multiple ideologies: Ramesh

South Asia meet discusses party systems

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said that in India, all political parties had “multiple ideologies to cater to multiple constituencies” and therefore the idea of a homogenous ideology flies in the face of political experience.

Mr. Ramesh was commenting in a discussion on a soon-to-be-released book by Pradeep Chhibber- Rahul Verma titled Ideology and Identity: The Changing Party Systems of India.

The discussion was held at the inaugural session of the second annual South Asia Conclave here on Wednesday organised by the Oxford University Press in partnership with The Hindu.

The session moderated by Ashutosh Varshney, professor at Brown University, revolved around how ideology plays a central role in electoral politics and the extent of involvement of the state in dominating society, regulating the rules, social norms and accommodating the needs of various marginalised groups and minority groups. The day-long conclave was aimed at developing a deeper understanding of South Asia and exploring the role it is expected to play in the shaping of the “Asian Century” as it is home to approximately 24% of the world’s population.

The event brought together researchers, academicians, policy-makers, journalists and industry experts on a range of topics. dealing with civil-military relations in India, business and politics, and political finance in India.

The other discussions during the day were on the State of Healthcare in India in which the discussion revolved around how despite India being one of the fasted growing countries in the world, it has not seen the same progress in its public health sector in contrast to develops countries like the United States.

The session on Cost of Democracy: Political Finance in India took a look at why every general election in India gets more expensive than the last one and took a look at how money flows through the political heart of the worlds largest democracy.

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