PM Modi pens open letter to Bihar: ‘To ensure state’s growth, I need Nitish govt’

The PM said reforms are impossible in a state of disorder and anarchy, and only the NDA can give Bihar rule of law and better infrastructure, the two things central for prosperity.

As campaigning for Bihar elections came to an end Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi penned an open letter to the “brothers and sisters of Bihar”.

The letter details the schemes brought by the NDA government at both the state and central level, and says for the steady growth of Bihar, it is imperative that BJP-JDU win the state polls.

“Reforms are impossible in a state of disorder and anarchy. Since 2005, Bihar has been on a path of growth. For social and economic prosperity, the rule of law and better infrastructure are prerequisites. Only NDA can give Bihar these two things,” the PM wrote.

The BJP-JDU’s election campaign has repeatedly raised the “jungleraaj” in Bihar when the RJD was last in power.

Modi said for the NDA, dignity of human life is paramount, and it considers every citizen a part of the nation’s growth story.  In Bihar, the PM said, the government had worked to improve all sectors, such as electricity, water, roads, health and education.

The Prime Minister said he was proud that the discourse during the elections had been centered around vikaas, and that the double-engine sarkaar of BJP-JDU would usher in a new era of progress for Bihar in this decade.

Significantly, Modi said: “To ensure Bihar’s progress does not flag and the government’s schemes don’t go haywire, I need Nitish Kumar in power in Bihar”, in what seem to underline that while Nitish was the CM candidate, Bihar’s progress would be centrally driven.

Campaigning for Bihar elections ended Thursday, with the third phase of voting on November 7, Saturday, and result declaration on November 10. The campaign for the NDA has been spearheaded by Narendra Modi, with even Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asking for votes in the name of the PM.

In a surprise announcement, Nitish on Thursday made it clear this would be the last election he is fighting, making the statement at a rally in Purnea.

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