Panjaa actor daughter break-up with boy friend

Tiger Shroff, the daughter of Jackie Shroff and sister of Tiger Shroff, who was dating Eban Hyams, shared a shocking message, and  requested her fans not to tag her with Eban Hyams in any of the edits as they broke up.

 The star daughter Krishna Shroff also said that she is informing everyone as their relationship was public. Krishna is one who  never used to shy from posting romantic photographs with him.

 Krishna Shroff deleted all the posts with Eban Hyams from her Instagram profile and confirmed about her break up with boy friend.  Jackie Shroff daughter requested her fan not to tag her in posts, featuring Eban as they are not dating anymore.  Saaho villain and Panjaa actor Jackie’ daughter Krishna added, “We are not together anymore, so stop associating us.”

Krishna Shroff and Eban Hyams started dating in the year 2019. Last year, Eban Hyams , in his Instagram post referred to Krishna Shroff as “wifey,” which started secret marriage rumors. However, Krishna dismissed the rumors during an interview.

Krishna Shroff is a fitness enthusiast just like her brother Tiger, who has been trained in several forms of martial arts and he  is often seen displaying his parkour skills on his Instagram profile.

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