Overflowing manholes pose a health hazard in Srirangam

Residents of Sankar Nagar in the city are raising a stink over leaky and overflowing sewer manholes.

Despite several complaints addressed to the Corporation authorities, no actionhas been taken, the residents say. Five sewer manholes are overflowing in Sankar Nagar near Mangamma Nagar in Srirangam – all in a residential area. The leak is at its worst near a school.

Due to heavy discharge of water from houses, the sewage overflows at least once a week, posing a health hazard. “Residents or visitors have to hold their breath until they walk or drive past the area,” says T.M. Ranganathan, a resident. Many people, who used to take a walk on the street in the morning, have stopped the exercise due to the stench, he said.

Mr. Ranganathan said the civic body had installed pipes of a small diameter for a street with many houses. “There are quite a few apartments here. In the morning and evening hours, when the usage of the kitchen and rest rooms is high, the sewage water overflows from the manholes,” he said. “The corporation must take a review of the number of residences in the area and fit pipes accordingly. For streets with apartments, they need to fit large sewage pipelines to ensure smooth water flow. The chambers where the water collects must also be regularly cleared and waste removed, otherwise such situations will persist,” he said.

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